CREATIVES ICO – it’s a launch.


The “old” have had a makeover and is now purely for informational purposes.
5 million CREATIVES is place in order for sale and available for “investors”.
Offer 1 million to be paid in Euro at 1:1
Offer 1 million to be paid in USD at 1:1.2
Offer 1 million to be paid in BTC at 1:0.00019
Offer 1 million to be paid in ETH at 1:0.003
Offer 1 million to be paid in Monero at 1:0.009

Conversion of redemption codes have started.
Going a bit slow at the moment, maybe it will pick up during the week.
However, I take it as a sign that we all are in for the long haul…
The ICO will run for a year and I don’t think trading will pick up until we see content under administration.

The support and help system are up and running ( and Guy has signed off on the grammar and use of is/are 🙂

The first working payment of CREATIVES for royalties is up and running for all writers of articles in our dedicated NewsRoom Royalties payment are based upon popularity of the articles and it’s working already (I have made 64.31 CCIM already for 4362 words, 149 views and 6 Facebook’s shares).
What’s more important is that we now have a working Newsroom from which newsletters goes out, automatic distribution to social networks and blogging platforms based upon the brand CREATIVES.

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