Waves Sets Record for Maximum Transactions Per Day


On Sunday 21 October the Waves network processed a remarkable 6.1 million transactions on MainNet.

Thor’s remark: This proves NIM’s commitment to the Waves platform was correct…

Statistics from http://dev.pywaves.org/txs/ show a total of 108,741 transactions, including 60,933 MassTransfers — a special kind of Waves transaction that can hold 100 transfers at once, for faster and more efficient processing. A total of 6,141,108 transfers was processed by the network, with the blockchain supporting hundreds of transactions per second at peak times.

While Bitcoin is the best-known blockchain and holds the most value, its capacity is notoriously limited, making it unsuitable for mass-market applications and microtransactions. ‘Bitcoin processes just a few transactions per second,’ comments Sasha Ivanov, Waves CEO and founder. ‘Ethereum’s capacity is into double-digit tps, and a handful of other blockchains have improved on this incrementally in various ways. Waves has implemented tech that enables a step-change in transaction volumes — not just in the lab but in the real world, on MainNet, as these figures prove beyond doubt.’


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