Copyright Securities and CREATIVES – a match made in heaven


Cheat sheet

Copyright Securities (CSec),

regulated securities brokered by an accredited investment house and/or broker.The Internet Media Copyright Association (IMCA) governs CREATIVES
CoipyrightCoins (CCIM) – the currency of royalties.


IMCA issued 25 billion Copyrightcoins whereas 24 billion is unavailable under escrow contract.
Of the 1 billion available, 700 million CCIM is ONLY available to proven Copyright owners. 150 million CCIM is available to core team and advisors to the ecosystem (17,144,460 CCIM are allocated per 25th November 2018. However many redemption codes are not activated yet).
Only 150 million CCIM is available on the “free” market (0.6% of total and 15% available today), something that will gradually change as the Copyright Owners will release their CCIM into the market pegged to their royalties income.

The IMCA policy and Copyright Securities


The policy is to maintain Copyrightcoins (CCIM) price stability at a minimum of 1 Euro = 1 CopyrightCoin – always backed by the flow of royalties under exclusive administration.
To secure exclusive administration right of musical works, IMCA is offering to pay advances to the copyright owners and have allocated 700 million CCIM to that effect. In addition to 150 million Euro Copyright Securities investment, all secured in audited and proven royalties income. These 150 million (plus interest) will NEVER leave the ecosystem, as soon as recouped it will be available for additional advances.

An example and likely to change!

For each invested Euro, the investor(s) are committed buying one CCIM for 0.67 Euro. With the base of 1 CCIM = 1 Euro (secured in royalties) an instant CCIM profit of 0.33 Euro is guaranteed (any profit beyond the basis is dependent of ask/bid in the exchange).
Of the 0.67 per CCIM price, 0.59 is allocated to payment of interest in the minimum investment period of 3 years.

IMCA has defined the fixed interest rate on invested capital at 19.50 % per annum.
The fixed interest rate is only available for investors that also buy the allowed quota of CCIM at 0.67 Euro per CCIM.

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