The support letter of Blockchain Isle of Man


We have now received the official letter of support from the Blockchain Isle of Man (see body of this email and attachment for a full copy of the letter).We are now in a position to initiate the move to the Isle of Man of the New Internet Media Holding anticipating a legislated initiative from The Isle of Man government that will end in a full regulated registration and trade of copyrights.

As you undoubtedly are aware by now, we have a fully developed solution for registration and trade of copyright all ready to be implemented including KYC/AML and transfer of CREATIVES (CCIM) to fiat into a bank of your choice.

The recently initiated presentation showing the flow of money/CCIM and licensing models.
With a market cap of 25 Billion CREATIVES (24 Billion currently in escrow) – it is an interesting “what-if” exercise as the potential market for content royalties on the internet is 116 Billion € today growing with some 26% year on year…

The Internet Music team have successfully presented our solutions to high profile songwriters and artists in Europe, and we are ready to move forward with exclusive arrangements!


Dear Mr. Pettersen,

Minister Skelly and the Blockchain Isle of Man team enjoyed meeting you during your visit to the Island. I wanted to follow up on your discussions and outline what the next steps are.

As you know, the Department aims to support both new businesses and growth businesses. In parallel, the aim for the Digital Agency is to support growth in blockchain and have consequently launched Blockchain Isle of Man. Through your successful application to Blockchain Isle of Man, we understand that you wish to remove the pain points within the consumer-creator market by breaking down the barriers to the creation and distribution of digital content. Your business New Internet Media plans to do this by providing the technology platform to assist production, distribution and monetisation of the content derived from the copyright.

We find this to be a very exciting proposition. To that end, Digital Isle of Man will explore the possibility of establishing a mechanism to facilitate the registration and trade of copyrights. As you are aware, an accepted applicant into Blockchain Isle of Man is required to establish a physical presence here and create jobs, which is the fundamental remit of the Department for Enterprise.

I hope this is helpful and would again stress that we are keen to see you choose the Isle of Man. Through Blockchain Isle of Man, we look forward to supporting New Internet Media.

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