CREATIVES – A currency that is 100% digital with no inflation?


A currency that is 100% digital and protected against inflation?The “old-style” cryptocurrencies are speculative assets and will probably die a slow death as they are replaced by stablecoins.
Can an asset that serves no purpose in the real economy survive in the long run?
Probably not.

Stablecoins, on the other hand, providing greater value, certainty and stability . And given their digital nature the possibility of micro- and nano-payment.

For anyone believing that people will continue listening to music, CREATIVES (CCIM) is the ultimate stablecoin, as stated in the attachment (Public facts about CREATIVES).

In our opinion, CREATIVES is the only intrinsic currency in existence today (including fiat).

statement last week by the EU Council and the Commission on Stablecoins states that stablecoins may present opportunities in terms of cheap and fast payments, especially cross-border payments.

However, they conclude that no global stablecoin arrangement should begin operation in the European Union until the legal, regulatory and oversight challenges and risks have been adequately identified and addressed.

The U.S. Federal Reserve also published its latest Financial Stability Report last week, where it says stablecoins might aid financial stability. The report consolidates and formalize regulators’ concerns and notes the steps required:

  • Issuers must disclose how their staking mechanism works
  • Issuers must protect customer data privacy while maintaining KYC records
  • Issuers must disclose their terms of service
  • Issuers must inform customers if they have any rights to the underlying asset

All of which was in place for CREATIVES with the Estonian Finance inspection’s statement of September 2017 and implemented by New Internet Media (NIM) by January 2018.

We have developed the technical solution for registration and trade of Copyrights as the basis we are building our finTech business on.

We have no debt, and we have secured IP rights and trademarks in UK and EU (see attached Public facts about CREATIVES).
Please see our status as per Isle of Man vision and discussions at

We are now entering the next phase in our business and technology development
On December 2nd a new exchange service was launched, and we are preparing our own private service (exclusively for Copyright Owners) at
With this new service, we are launching a new (same principle as ICO/STO) offering called SCO (Secure CREATIVES Offering ) with the sole purpose of securing exclusive administration contract for Copyrights, starting with music.

Business development.
As before we will concentrate on Europe and develop our concept here with the signing of high profile Copyright owners. We already have teams in place in Scandinavia and UK where many of the worlds most popular music creators originate (in addition to East Europe, Germany and Belgium/France). Contact Guy Fletcher (UK) or Thor Pettersen (Nordic) to learn more.

Given the statement of the EU commission last week, the NIM management has decided to consolidate the value of CREATIVES over the next 13 months. In addition to which the support NIM has received from the Isle of Man government (see last newsletter) and Thor’s own research and consequently conclusion after spending over a month on Isle of Man this autumn. The U.S. Federal Reserve only confirms this strategy.

We stay firm in our belief that regulated registration and trade of Copyrights is the way forward. 

CCIM price development.
As you all know, we have consistently advocated the stable price of 1 Euro per CopyrightCoin.

After careful consideration, we have made this a minimum price.

We will over the next 13 months proactively develop the price (value) of CREATIVES by signing up Copyright Owners on exclusive administration contracts as well as pitching CREATIVES as the ultimate stablecoin with real intrinsic value worldwide including far- and middle- East with focus on the BRICK countries in addition to US and EU.

The price that CREATIVES are trading on 21st December 2020 @ 11:05 (ECT) on a whole CREATIVES value (no decimals/ThorBits) is the value Copyright licensing are offered under from the 1st of January 2021.
To be clear, if the trading of CCIM is at € 25.579, it will be set at €26 per CCIM. If it is traded at € 0.67 it will be set at minimum € 1 per CCIM. 

The licensing price will be adjusted accordingly as NOT to influence the subscription price of the DSPs (Digital Service Providers like Spotify and Deezer).

Marketing and PR.
I am presently in discussion with several PR and marketing people/agencies to head up the push. I will only hire expertise buying into the idea of CCIM and wanting CCIM as payment (full or partly) consistently with our company policy.

Download Public facts about CREATIVES

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