CREATIVES — the secure Stablecoin


Cryptocurrency’s notorious volatility is due to the speculative nature of the asset class, and because the asset isn’t tied to other assets like fiat currencies, gold, or real estate. Stablecoins eliminated the volatility, yet still, retain the utility and speed that other cryptocurrencies provide.
CREATIVES (CCIM) is the ultimate stablecoin, as stated on and the only intrinsic currency in existence today (including fiat).

Simply because CREATIVES represent the most secure and stable revenue streams on the Internet: royalties!

Royalties in music (12 Billion $ YoY), Videos (20 billion $ YoY), Video games (67 billion $ YoY) and ePublishing (18 billion $ YoY).

We will over the next 13 months proactively develop the price (value) of CREATIVES by signing up Copyright Owners on exclusive administration contracts as well as pitching CREATIVES as the ultimate stablecoin with real intrinsic value.
The price that CREATIVES are trading on 21st December 2020 @ 11:05 (ECT) on a whole CREATIVES value (no decimals/ThorBits) is the value Copyright licensing are offered under from the 1st of January 2021.
To be clear, if the trading of CCIM is at € 25.579, it will be set at €26 per CCIM. If it is traded at € 0.67, it will be set at minimum € 1 per CCIM.
The licensing price will be adjusted accordingly as NOT to influence the subscription price of the DSPs (Digital Service Providers).

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