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I am heading to Zurich tomorrow for meetings with the banking industry concerning our Secure CREATIVES®  Offering (see Consequently, I have been busy preparing and researching the latest figures on digital copyright and licensing which I would like to share…Earlier this month, I got feedback and questions around the decision of Isle of Man not to do anything towards implementing a legislated/regulated registration and trade of Copyrights this year (2020).
I believe that decision was wrong and made upon a basis of wrong and/or lack of information. That said, it made NIM able to execute on several areas otherwise denied to us as we otherwise would have had to honour the commitment to Isle of Man.
It also made me realize it’s about time to do another clarification of our basis commercial service and our technology platform.
First of all, in PWC’s and KPMG analysis of our services and the competition, they failed to see the difference between what they saw as competition in technology and the NIM ecosystem.
More importantly, I failed to enlighten them properly.
It is correct that many PROs and others are creating a platform based upon blockchain technology. The best example (and the longest-running development) is the Finnish collecting society Teostro ( Another more commercial example is Session (former Auddly) ( where ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus used to be a major shareholder.

There are countless more with one major task in common – they all have a focus on handling metadata (
The real difference between the metadata approach and the NIM ecosystem lies primarily in the collecting and registration of metadata rather than the task of transferring royalties fast and securely from a DSPs (Digital Service Provider’s) platform to Copyright owners as NIM is doing.
NIMs value-added service offering – the WLCM (White Label Content Mesh) service is a perfect supplement to all the metadata focused development in all PROs and commercial approaches. We can integrate all of their different metadata collecting through our oracle services (see earlier newsletters).
So, NIM can offer all the “competition” (including DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music) WLCM (White Label) as a value-added service (available at little or no cost, to promote their primary business). We have developed the WLCM recently into a fully integrated registration and trade service in less than a week if hosted in our cloud service.
**** A little extra treat prepared for the Zurich banking community
Access to public documents and presentations

We have now updated the accessible public data-room with documents and presentations, including a budget for 2020 – 2023
The technical White Paper is under extensive upgrading and will be available later under NDA. For now, I have included a 10 000 feet oversight paper describing the main areas of our ecosystem.

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