Consumers forced indoors during crisis – spend more time on media!


No matter what befalls us;  Economic disaster,  tempest or pestilence, one element of our lives remains completely indestructible  –   MUSIC –  Human beings seem to find that life is intolerable without it.
Now that technology allows us to access our chosen tracks anywhere,  any time,  the online demand for streaming music is much bigger than the global music industry can manage economically.  Latest figures from a significant Performing Right Organisation show that people are streaming over 11 TRILLION  tracks annually.

The global management of copyright is woefully antiquated. Still, I am delighted to report that we have developed a unique economic ecosystem which gives creators and copyright owners the means to sustain and build their careers in the music industry while they are getting properly paid to do so.

(Guy Fletcher : ex-Chairman of The Performing Right Society, co-founder of NIM and  president of Internet Music Ltd.)

And he is right, not only is his more than 50 year in the music industry talking loud and clear. He is backed by a trusted source of media statistics – Nielsen (  Granted this statistics from earlier “isolation” is primary from TV, so let’s have a look at Spotify!

Some calculations suggest that the last chart week (from Friday, March 6 to end of Thursday, March 12) was the biggest on Spotify for nearly two months – and the second biggest of 2020 so far.

There were 2.05bn chart-eligible streams of the Top 200 in the week, according to Spotify’s data.

What does that mean for our model of “More money, faster – to Copyright owners”?

That would mean almost 7.1 million Euro more for that week in royalties (45% more and 26 million times faster in compound interest)

Take that to the bank!

Or rather, add CREATIVES® to your portfolio and then – take it to the bank!
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