NIM and CREATIVES® – It’s all in the timing


What is a successful business?

Surprisingly, it’s not the idea, plan, business model, team or even the money that’s the most significant factor in a startup’s success.

It’s all in the timing.

So we couldn’t be in a better situation:

  • The is a worldwide recession looming
  • Internet content turnover is approaching €120 billion with a 26% year over year increase
  • New revenue models growing out of the EU Copyright directive will further add some 40 to 80% royalties revenue from channels like YouTube, Facebook and TickTock.
  • Royalties payments have never been more lucrative
  • NIM is ready to utilize this with our “more money, faster – to copyright owners!” Starting with music.
  • Investors are beginning to realize the enormous potential in royalties.
  • NIM has kicked off with SCO (Secure CREATIVES® Offering)
  • With close to 500 years of accumulated pedigree in the music industry, the NIM team has an unfair advantage and access to high profile copyright owners.
  • Hugely influential team of advisers (both anonymous and public)
  • Based on the latest technology advances.
  • Technical development-ready – User interface to 85 – 90%
  • Regulations are starting to catch up for creative people, securing royalties payment.

Investors and analysts, who are always the first to sense it, have punished stocks in a way we have not seen since 2008. The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday (9th March 2020), had its biggest fall since 2008 and markets like India had record falls. With supply chains stalling, tourism falling sharply and the oil markets plunging 30 per cent it’s a likely scenario.

In 24 hours, sixty million hours listening to music on Spotify and 47% of the time that people listen to on-demand music is on YouTube. 5% is on video streaming on other platforms,28% is on paid audio streaming, and 20% is free audio streaming. 35 % say the main reason for not using a paid audio subscription is that anything they want to listen to is on YouTube.

inline_496_ For more than 500 million citizens of the European Union, YouTube and Facebook will be treated like Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix or any DSP. They must license the copyrighted works on their sites or face the music (pun intended) for copyright infringement.  If “upload filter” is becoming a thing (it is already a buzzword), NIM is the upload filter.

For instance, you film your sister’s birthday on your mobile, and you want to put the song “Happy birthday to you by Stevie Wonder” as music always make a video better. Since this is a copyrighted song, Facebook and YouTube will have to refuse upload under article 17 UNLESS you register the use of “Happy birthday to you” as a UUC (User Uploaded Content) BEFORE uploading the video.

Since the copyright is registered and you registered the use (take 5 to 15 seconds) neither Facebook nor YouTube will have any objections. They will pay the royalties to the owners of “Happy Birthday to you”, each time it’s played (however reluctantly).

Typically, a songwriter’s catalogue that contains hit records is worth ten times its net publishing share (NPS).  In a digital market, songwriters routinely see multiples of 10 to 12 times NPS and, in some cases, a multiple of up to 16 for their Copyrights.

The principle of CREATIVES® is based upon the royalties that flow through the ecosystem and as such (in our opinion) the only intrinsic currency in existence (including fiat).

This intrinsic value is something we are proud to show off in our Secure CREATIVES® Offering (SCO) with a potential of no less than 31% ROI (Return on Investment).

The  CREATIVES®  intrinsic value, as well as the healthy ROI, is a result of NIMs unfair advantage and pedigree in the creative communities where high profile artists and top royalties earners are willing to grant NIM exclusive administration rights for their copyrights.

NIM is presently able to collect royalties (on average) 45% more and 26 million faster than today’s antiquated collecting through PROs (Performance Rights Organizations).

This fantastic result is only possible through a combination of progressive innovations and blockchain technology supported by established and proven services that will scale effortlessly as we grow.

We have worked on the technology solution since 2006 while funding the development from 2013 where we discovered blockchain and are eager to launch commercially 1st January 2021 with a defined goal of (at least) 25% of the digital music turnover of 16 Billion Euro due to our exclusive administration of copyrights.

We have developed a White Label solution that gives everybody (not only the PROs) access to registration and trade of copyright within ten days of initiating the implementation (see details online

We recently took the CREATIVES®  sub-net out of testing and are spinning up the access node (if anyone wants to take it for a technical spin, contact me on Threema CZ26T8HD for encrypted access details under NDA). The CopyrightShares sub-net is still in a testing environment, mainly for economic reasons (use of faucets).

With the approval of the EU Copyright directive last year (must be implemented by 21st June 2021) the timing is perfect – NIM is uber ready!!!

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