Opera – the crypto web browser from Norway


Opera provides browsers and AI-driven content delivery solutions to 360 million people worldwide.
Opera and I go way back. In 1990 my company UniLAN developed a gateway for Teletext (a sort of pre-www system). I sold it to a company called Return, who again later sold it to Opera.

Opera introduced the first blockchain-enabled browser, Opera for Android, with a built-in crypto wallet and Dapp explorer late last year (2019).  So when Opera announced support for the IPFS-protocol – which is the basis of our next phase CaaS – Content as a Service (see earlier newsletters), I had to get on board.

NIM has made it possible to send and receive cryptocurrencies more easily in the future by registering copyrightcoins.crypto wallet addresses (similar to .com, .eu or .im domains). The main difference being that they are stored on a decentralized public ledger (Ethereum)

Opera Android users in most countries can now buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) using a Visa or Mastercard debit card. The plan is to add CREATIVES® in the future, making it easy for mass adoption of CREATIVES® by acquiring CREATIVES® without going through an exchange.

Download Opera for Android from Google Play.

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