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Estonia may be the nation best prepared for the consequences of the current situation, both economically and socially.
Its economy is bound to tech, its government is digital, and most services in the country either are or can be provided electronically—in fact, it’s nearly impossible to overstate the extent of Estonian digitization. inline_961_https://creatives.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/e-res-id-card-thor-300x187.png A single piece of I.D. securely stores each Estonian’s personal information, including health, tax, and police records; one can even establish residency and begin paying taxes in the country digitally—effectively immigrating online.

Estonians say that only three kinds of interaction with the state require a person’s physical presence: marriage, the transfer of property, and divorce.

Ninety-nine per cent of households have broadband Internet connections, and the education system is a world leader in developing and using electronic technologies. In other words, the prospect of having to work, study, and shop online may not require the sort of readjustment in Estonia as many people face elsewhere.

Our Estonian presence

The Internet Media Copyright Association (IMCA – governing CREATIVES®) is based in Estonia, and the Estonian finance inspection confirmed that CREATIVES® was not a financial instrument already in September 2017 and transactions using CREATIVES® not regarded as financial transactions.

The headquarter of the New Internet Media (NIM holding ou) is also based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our Tallinn based accounting company (1office) is compiling necessary reports and submitting them to the Business Registry and Tax Department after I (as the principal legal entity) has signed them digitally online.

The current situation and looming recession will not have any impact on our business at all.

The economy and running of IMCA and NBIM are stable as CREATIVES® it’s self.

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