One year on – EU Copyright Directive status


We live in challenging times with lock-down and social isolation as a result. Consequently, a large part of the creative business has come to a standstill as no events, concerts and gigs are taking place.Many have turned to online and/or live events to try to remedy some of this vaporized income. However, let’s not forget the ongoing long term challenges the creative communities faces.There is little over a year left before the EU Copyright directive becomes mandatory!
After which, we believe there will be a much better chance of creators to get paid “More money, faster”…
Our calculations show at least 40% more and 26 million times faster…With NIM services, the use of UGC (User Generated Content) and registration BEFORE upload to the DSPs (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok et all) will result in more royalties are paid – as the complexity of “upload filters” is solved.Content owners can expect to see some 80% more in royalties.inline_116_ more here!

Registration of copyrights.
Registration of copyrights and Intellectual property rights is a significant step in making creators of content able to live upon their creativity.
With NIM technology an immutable provenance is created for each registration.
NIM will ALWAYS know what percentages each copyright shareholder has and ALWAYS paid the right owner the right amount according to CopyrightShares (split).
Registration of CopyrightShares (both initially and at transfer) is essential for receiving royalties.
Equally important – trades in Copyrights.
When CopyrightShares has changed hands, it will immediately reflect in the ownership shares of the copyright and royalties received from the DSP will always be sent to the right shareholder.The following go deeper into the NIM implementation of the Copyright directive

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