Copyright Owners Are The Backbone Miners Of CREATIVES®


inline_290_ CREATIVES® carries the royalties flowing through the system.
Royalties represent the value created – measured by popularity.

This newsletter is dedicated to CREATIVES®, explaining the how, why and when!



As a fork of the waves platform, the technology is achieving distributed consensus through the algorithm Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) securing the ecosystem.
When a user starts leasing the tokens, those leased tokens are locked and remained in the same address with the full control of their owner(s).
We have used the same principle when dealing with copyrights.

Conceptual copyrights.

Royalties have a value and are a measurement of the popularity of content like music; consequently, it has an intrinsic value.
Intrinsic value is a measure of what something is worth. In financial analysis, this term is used in identifying the underlying value of cash flow.
So the question is: do all currencies have intrinsic value?
Answer: No, very few! – The intrinsic value of a currency lies in its ability to facilitate transactions and act as stores of value.
CREATIVES® collect (average transactions) 45% more royalties, 26 million times faster than today’s systems and CREATIVES® represents the royalties that flow through the ecosystem (stores of value).

inline_46_® has intrinsic value!

Since CREATIVES® is based upon the royalties that flow through the ecosystem its regarded as one of the few intrinsic currencies in existence (including fiat).

The CREATIVES® ecosystem was created with 25 Billion CREATIVES®, and 98.8% (24.7 billion) was immediately reserved for copyright owners with 24 billion currently in secure escrow leaving 700 million for content owners as advances and royalties payments.
Consequently, there are currently only 300 million CREATIVES® available (Per 1st May 2020 there is less than 5 million in active circulation).
See fact-sheet for details.
This (maximum) 300 million CREATIVES® does not have an intrinsic value as such (unless it’s owned by a copyright owner) and are valued on bid/ask like any other currency.
This will change over time…
As more and more Copyright Owners exchange their CREATIVES® on the “free” market, more and more CREATIVES® with a basis in royalties will be available for the bid/ask exchange.

For example:
At 1 billion CREATIVES® activated, the Content Owners have released 300 million on the “free” market, so a total of 600 million CREATIVES® are available on the exchanges.
CREATIVES® are trading at €10.00, which means each CopyrightCoin® has a value of €5.00 (300m at €0 and 300m at €10). This value is comfortably within any “guarantee” given to DSP and Copyright Owners changing their CREATIVES® with IMCA (Internet Media Copyright Association) that governs the CREATIVES®.
As more CREATIVES® is needed to cover the Copyright Owners signing exclusive deals, IMCA will release CREATIVES® in tranches of 100 million each time.

inline_446_ timing

  1. The is a worldwide recession looming.
  2. Royalties payments have never been more lucrative.
  3. Investors are beginning to realise the enormous potential in royalties.
  4. Internet content turnover is approaching €120 billion with a 26% year over year increase.
  5. New revenue models growing out of the EU Copyright directive will further add some 40 to 80% royalties revenue from channels like YouTube, Facebook and TickTock.
  6. We are ready to implement “more money, faster – to copyright owners!”
  7. We have launched SCO (Secure CREATIVES® Offering).
  8. With close to 500 years of accumulated pedigree in the music industry, the team has an unfair advantage and access to high profile copyright owners.
  9. Hugely influential team of advisers (both anonymous and public).
  10. Based on the latest technology advances.
  11. Technical development – ready!
  12. Regulations are starting to catch up for creative people, securing royalties payment.

inline_762_ future of CREATIVES®

We have made 1 Euro = 1 CREATIVES® (CCIM) the minimum price.
We will during 2020 proactively develop the value of CREATIVES® by signing up Copyright Owners on exclusive administration contracts as well as pitching CREATIVES® as the ultimate stablecoin with real intrinsic value worldwide (fact-sheet).
The price that CREATIVES® are trading on 21st December 2020 @ 11:05 (ECT) on a total CREATIVES® value (no decimals/ThorBits) is the value Copyright licensing are offered under from 1st January 2021.

To be clear, if the trading of CREATIVES® is at € 25.579, it will be set at €26 per Copy-rightCoin®. If it is traded at € 0.67, it will be set at minimum € 1 per CREATIVES®.
The licensing price will be adjusted accordingly as NOT to influence the subscription price of the DSPs (Digital Service Providers), for them its business as usual!

This is all achieved through a combination of progressive innovations and technology supported by established and proven services that will scale as we grow.
We have worked on the technology solution since 2017 and we have developed a White Label solution that gives everybody (not only the PROs) access to registration and trade of copyright (see details of WLCM online @ New Internet Media).

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