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Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions. This article is not an advice to invests in any cryptocurrency or company shares.
We live in an unprecedented economic reality last seen after WWII. In 2008 with the global financial crisis (GFC) and the Great Depression in the 1930s it took around three years to play out. In the 2020 crisis, a similar outlook has played out in just three weeks.
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley expect US GDP to fall by 24% to 30% in the second quarter. US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has warned that the unemployment rate could skyrocket to above 20% – twice the peak level during the GFC. (ref.: ForeignPolicy)
And that’s just in the USA.
The International Monetary Fund expects EU GDP to fall by 7% this year, and recent data suggest economic activity in March and April may have crashed by between 20% and 30% (ref.: CNN Europe)
The rest of the world economies is also in free fall.

It’s a worldwide reboot!


Perfect timing for New Internet Media

  1. There is a worldwide depression looming.
  2. Royalties payments have never been more lucrative.
  3. Investors are starting to realise the enormous potential in royalties.
  4. We launched SCO (Secure CREATIVES® Offering) with a potential of >30% ROI.
  5. Internet content turnover is approaching €120 billion with a 26% year over year increase.
  6. New revenue models growing out of the EU Copyright directive will further add some 40 to 80% royalties revenue from channels like YouTube, Facebook and TickTock.
  7. With close to 500 years of accumulated pedigree in the music industry, the team has an unfair advantage and access to high profile copyright owners.
  8. Hugely influential team of advisers (both anonymous and public).
  9. Based on the latest technology advances.
  10. Technical development – ready!
  11. We are ready to implement “more money, faster – to copyright owners!”
  12. Regulations are starting to catch up for creative people, securing royalties payment.

New services.

As many of you will recall from previous articles, we have been actively lobbying several governmental bodies for regulated registration and trade of copyright.
My personal preference was Isle of Man. However, they said no to change their laws in late 2019, and my second (and last) attempt in April 2020 was also a no (absent of an answer is always no in my book). Sweden and Hungary are riddled with bureaucracy and politics, so I am not too optimistic in the short run. There are other countries in the making, but under the public radar at the moment.
The PROs we have approached have also neglected to get back to us so we can’t wait any longer – we have to act.
We will update status later – if and when!
This does not mean that we refuse to work with these entities, it just means that we have to seize the present opportunities and execute on providing Copyright Owners with a way to live upon their creativity!
In practical terms – It means that we enable for professional content reaching a huge audience, fed up with an internet flooded with poor quality.
The creators get paid, and investors making a profit. In other words, a win, win, win!

Self-regulated registration and trade of copyrights

We are as of this month (May 2020) launching a private self-regulated registration and trade of copyrights – not at least to get in front of the upcoming depression and reboot.
We will, before summer, launch a new site for affiliates and ambassadors, and launch a full registration service for all types of copyright end of 2nd quarter 2020.

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