80% More? – NIM, CREATIVES® And The EU Copyright Directive


The EU Member States have until 7th June 2021 to transpose the Copyright Directive into their national laws

– that is less than a year from now


Implementation of “upload-filters”

The Copyright Directive aims at making it simple to maintain a legitimate streaming business, were upload is smooth while the money flow reaches the pockets of the creators and performers. There is no excuse for having an unfair and slow business model anymore. An implementation with CREATIVES® as the modern technical framework reduces complexity and expenses.


  • To create something never created before you need to be an inventor.
  • Giving your talent and time without any certainty of whether a song will have commercial success, you need to be the first investor in the value chain.
  • Add to this a dedicated education and, most importantly, the talent, and you have an almost impossible task.
  • Yet it’s being done over and over again, and the demand is increasing by the years.
  • A creator deserves not to be sidestepped and with a system giving them transparency enough to choose their system of choice.

We are sure we are the creator’s choice.

Why shouldn´t we be yours?

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