NIM – Streamed Media demos: favoring User-centric licensing


The streamed media “revolution“

Online streaming is the preferred method for viewing shows, movies, sports, and events, as well as listening to music. National and international streaming services operate in almost every country.

inline_403_ The global streaming market will be worth upwards of $180 billion by 2027
market research report by Grand View Research found that the global streaming market was worth $42.6 billion in 2019. It’s expected to grow more than 20 per cent per year and reach a total of $184.3 billion by 2027.

NIM’s Streamed Media demo

It’s time we show you what we have been up to, and ask for a helping hand in getting YouTube and Spotify’s ID registered with our own CopyrightsID for easier integration.Please use the Streamed Music demo as much as possible (it’s free) so the ID’s can be collected and synchronized.


NIM’s licensing services

New Internet Media supports user-centric licensing through our nano-payment service. The service-centric licensing model is also supported for backwards compatibility.
Two main user-centric licensing payments:

  1. With each play, royalties are paid in (almost) realtime with our famous 1click=1license=1payment
  2. For each play, the Copyright owner(s) is recorded for royalty payment at the end of the hour, day, week or month according to licensing agreement(s).

We are not alone in this, ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus feels the same way:

ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus Named President of CISAC


“We’re always striving to be at the forefront of technologies that are relevant to creators,” Ulvaeus, 75, plans to say to CISAC’s online General Assembly, according to selections from his speech provided to Billboard.

“Tech that can win them both more royalties and greater recognition for their role and importance in society.”

Ulvaeus also thinks that better technology could make possible a “user-centric subscription” model, where services like Spotify would divide the money from each consumer’s subscription among the acts they listened to in a given month, rather than pool and divide total revenue. “If I listen to a few songs a week and my neighbour plays Justin Bieber all the time, it becomes incredibly unfair,” Ulvaeus says.

inline_619_ check out the demos

NB! The demos are fully functional. However, we are constantly updating so they can be in different phases of licensing integration.The streamed music demo 

is a Spotify clone, with genre from (Spotify’s 4000 genres is too complicated). The streaming of music itself is done through YouTube (only public APIs are used). User-centric payments are demonstrated with faucets on test-net. Please use this demo as much as possible as we are using AI to collect as many YouTube and Spotify IDs as possible – to ease the integration with the NIM ecosystem and CREATIVES®.

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