Status July 2020


New Internet Media (NIM)

NIM administration group has activated the Belgian/French hub with Philippe and Thibault – they are now talking to high profile Copyright Owners and SCO investors and building their team.
The NIM Nordic and technology team at Silicon Islands have started defining and ingesting metadata into a white-label solution for PROs backed by a 150 million Euro offer in advances as icing on the cake. The Isle of Man team is included in the Silicon Islands development team as part of the growing permanent team of technicians and coders.


  • MoU signed with Seba
  • NIM Hubs are expanding in Europe.
  • Permanent development teams are growing.
  • Major Copyright Owners discussions – drawing on €150m in advances.
  • EU Commission looking into NIM technology for Artikel 17 implementation.
  • A growing interest in partnering up with NIM from the USA and the Far East.

Timeline targets

  • Redesigning web presentations 3Q
  • Overhaul of presentation decks and White Papers for SCO 3Q
  • CopyrightShares goes from test-net to stage-net 3Q
  • CopyrightShares exchange goes into Beta 3Q
  • Proactively partnering up with metadata providers 4Q
  • Proactively offering CREATIVES® to selected exchanges.

One major task – growing CREATIVES® value

CREATIVES® family and friends (faf)

  • We have grown the faf price with 5 cents each month since 1st January.
  • The faf price has now reached 40 cents and frozen.
  • faf can only be bought OTC with recommendations from CCIM owners.
  • The non-faf price is with SCO Secure CREATIVES® offering
  • SCO price is 45.50 cents and requires KYC/AML approval
  • All other CREATIVES® offering is strictly on bid/ask exchange trading.
  • Under Seba (see MoU) the selection process of exchanges has started.
  • The NIM teams in UK and Scandinavia is hard at work acquiring content.
  • Content will decide the CCIM value pre 21st December 2020.
  • Content will cement CREATIVES® as a stable coin with intrinsic value.

Stay safe at a distance…

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