Liquidity in CREATIVES® February 2021


You have all seen the news and heard the stories.

Musicians are cashing in on their catalogs to the tune of millions. Why do they sell rights that give their children and grandchildren royalties income 70 years after their deaths?
The short answer is the pandemic with gigs and touring cancelled for a year and the foreseeing future.
Equally important why investing in royalties income?
The short answer is the pandemic with” traditional” investments routes looking increasingly unstable.

Investing in copyrights – low risk high ROI.

  • Uncorrelated – Music royalties are independent of public markets; they perform inline_973_  independently and are not affected by public market dynamics.
  • Yield – royalties generate better revenues than bonds or dividend-paying stocks.
  • Consistency – with royalties, you are (almost) certain of earning. This is because they have shown a high level of consistency in terms of earning and payments. This is a desire for any investor to receive consistent payments for their investments.

Copyrights and investors

NIM is setting up a new company in Estonia (Copyrights Flow)
Copyrights Flow will broker high-value royalties streams connecting Investors with Copyright owners with one important difference.
Copyrights Flow will not broker the sale of copyrights. We will only provide leasing of Copyrights) and consequently royalties income.
At the moment we are lining up interested parties on both sides.

Popular copyrights with a lower profile
Approximately 90% of artists, musicians and songwriters have copyright revenues from music creation that is less than €100,000 annually. NIM is currently developing an online trading platform for the majority of royalties earners (below €100,000 a year) on a “Not-for-profit” basis (mainly due to licensing and regulatory issues, this might change in the future).

Primary functions

  1. Leasing of copyrights with associated royalties’ income
  2. Administration rights exclusive to NIM.


The copyright owner(s) will lease 50% of royalties stream and keep 50% for themselves. The investors will invest in receiving the royalties streams for up to 25 years. The investments could have a potential ROI between 5% and 38% (depending on the historical value and popularity of the Copyrights)

Due to NIMs technology and nano-payments, the copyright owner(s) will benefit from a substantial cash flow for approximately 10% less in royalties’ income as provided today with “old” analogue technology and accounting.

Why is this important to CREATIVES®?

  • Because all investment in the online trading platform is made only in CREATIVES®
  • All royalties income is paid in fiat or transferable to CREATIVES® only.
  • From CREATIVES® you can trade to any fiat and/or cryptocurrency via supported exchanges or NIMs Atomic Swap.

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