NIM – Easter 2021


Non-Fungible Tokens from NIM

The very first Digital Share Certificate issued

The first was of course Guy and Doug’s Fallen Angel, currently featured in the Broadway musical – Jersey Boys.
The NFT is printed as digital Share Certificates (default 100 000) used on trading platforms for CopyrightShares and can be bought on Memorabilia Internet Media 
NB! This is a collector’s item and does NOT represent the right to receive royalties.

Alfons Karabuda and NFTs


Alfons Karabuda, a composer of film, TV and theatre.
As President of SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) he is taking an active part in opening up for his colleagues to enter the world of NFT together with us.
Here he shows some of his examples for others to be inspired by.
Check out some unique originals from the 1st prize awarded dance film, Eye of the Norm

Internet Media Foundation

The Internet Media Foundation (IMF)  is set up in Brussels and replaces the Internet Media Copyright Association (IMCA)  previously based in Tallinn.
While the NIM Ecosystem is built to generate More Money, Faster…
The IMF responsibility is to make sure that this always is done
Safely, Transparently and Correctly 
With the creators representatives themselves in governance exercising the supervision, IMF is making sure the revenues reach its rights-holders.

inline_273_® status

The preparation of CREATIVES® transfer from the Waves platform to the Ethereum based Avalanche platform is well underway and will start after Easter following a public statement.  The NIM teams are testing the setup and creating help videos and text as we speak.
The transfer can not be made fully automatic for legal reasons (terms & condition must be met). For an economic reason, it has to be done in batches (the gas price on Ethereum is huge at the moment). Details after Easter…
Why are we moving?
Primary to get better price/liquidity in CREATIVES®, secondary to ensure the royalties flow is under independent governance by IMF.
There will be a possibility to acquire additional CREATIVES®.

Internet Media Ecosystem

The move has been worth the effort…

Capable of processing higher throughput than Visa (4500 tps (transactions per seconds) per subnet), sub-second finality, low (gas) fees, unparalleled decentralisation, scaling to millions of nodes and a highly interoperable heterogeneous platform.
The ecosystem consists of a minimum of 3 sub-chains. Primary launching a smart contract sub-chain that uses the EVM and is 100% compatible with existing Ethereum tooling. Everything you can do on Ethereum you can do here with the added benefit of 1000’s of tps, sub-second finality and low fees.
Total redesign of the original NIM Ecosystem.
We’ll rather do it now than later – when fully operational.

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