Björn Ulvaeus – “Rebalancing The Song Economy”


Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus teamed up with music business consultancy MIDiA to launch a new report called ‘Rebalancing The Song Economy’, about the economics of streaming from a songwriter perspective.
The report digs deep into the songwriter community over the last fifteen years, how COVID has had a profound influence on songwriters in general and the debates the pandemic has created about the streaming economy.
Björn Ulvaeus has recently given and TED talk on the subject as well as been interviewed on Sky News and today on Swedish TV4 (see below for YouTube videos)

Please download the report in pdf format below.

As you might have seen from previous articles in this newsroom NIM favours user-centric licensing (as well as my private talk with Björn)

NIM is able and willing to implement user-centric licensing today!

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