“New” branding of NIM, CREATIVES® and Copyright Flow


We have decided on a new line of uniform branding for all parties in the NIM ecosystem to better mirror the strong development made during the past year.

General information

Status and priority


“Rebranding”  CREATIVES® by keeping registered trademarks and change profiles before full launch in creative communities after the holidays.
Crypto communities are ongoing development and finetuning.
Transfer of CREATIVES® from Waves will take place under new brand profiles and first offered to active team members.

Copyright Flow

Branding Copyright Flow has started in earnest before a full launch in creative communities after the holidays. Investor interests are growing and MOU and LoI have been signed.
The business site for CopyrightShares transfer and brokerage is in Beta and offered to active team members from the 1st of July 2021.
The dedicated site for NFT memorabilia are in the last test and development stage and will be launched during the branding launch.

New Internet Media Group

Branding New Internet Media group has also started in earnest before rollout after the holidays. NIM Nordic and Silicon Islands (development) are now 100% owned by NIM Holding after a successful private placement of shares.

New Internet Media Holding

NIM Holding has executed a successful private placement of shares and in the process taken over 100% of the shares in Westcoast Innovation ltd, NIM Nordic, Internet Music Sweden and the development company Silicon Islands. NIM Holding also holds 100% of the shares in Copyright Flow after transfer from ThorBits Holding. NIM Holding also holds 50% of the NIM UK shares with Guy Fletcher, OBE – former chairman of PRS for Music and a successful songwriter holding the other 50%.
Share certificates in both NFT shares and the old-style paper share certificates will be issued as soon as all formalities are in order.
The management team are preparing a potential new private (invitation only) placement later this year primary directed towards the creative communities.

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