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NIM Holding ltd is the governance body of New Internet Media Group (NIM) that handles the registration and trade of Copyright and the cryptocurrency CREATIVES® (ticker CCIM). _154_
NIM Holding owns the intellectual property of the developed software and infrastructure. NIM Holding also holds all trademarks, goodwill and owns the majority of NIM admin group companies and services. NIM Holding is the sole issuer and administrator of CREATIVES® (CCIM) through units of NIM Group.
Think of NIM holding as the investment company in the NIM ecosystem.

 _794_ Media Foundation (IMF) is a “Not-for-Profit” foundation based in Brussels that governs Royalties tokens.
Royalties Tokens is the payment mechanism for transferring royalties between the DSPs (Digital Service Providers) and the copyright owners. There will always be  exactly the same amount of Royalties tokens as there is Euro in escrow. The only currency Royalties tokens can be exchanged to is CREATIVES® or fiat (default Euro).
While NIM and Copyright Flow generate More Money, Faster – The IMF responsibility is to make sure that this always is done Secure, Transparent and Correct.
With the creators representatives themselves in governance exercising the supervision, IMF is making sure the revenues reach its rights-holders!

NIMs founder Thor Pettersen and NIM Holding was part of the founding members of IMF. However, to keep a strict separation, both Pettersen and NIM has no financial and legal influence on the decisions in IMF.

Many aspects of the NIM services are based upon “not-for-profit” utilisation and open source. The technical infrastructure and the technical and community ecosystem of NIM are described in the technical white paper.

NIMs commercial business is finTech in nature and handled by the 100% owned Copyright Flow ltd.  Copyright Flow administrates and controls _644_ all the transactions from DSPs to the Copyright owners. These royalty streams are charged with a transaction fee between 0.9% and 2%.
Compared to the “old” transaction streams, Copyrights Flow can offer this service with up to 60% more money 25 million times faster.
Copyrights Flow will also broker high-value royalties streams, connecting Investors with Copyright owners.
Copyrights Flow will not broker the sale of copyrights. We will only provide time-limited assignment of Copyrights and consequently royalties income to improve cash flow to copyright owners.

Details of the NIM Group and Copyright Flow is in each separate business plans with budgets.

Updated NIM documentation and profiles
We are currently updating all documentation and help services (online and documents/presentations)
Please have patience with us a little while longer.
I promise it will be worth the wait!

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