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As of October 2021, the NIM administration is firmly established in the three countries with a net music export* – bringing more royalties in than they send out:USA, Sweden and UK!

  • The USA had an export ratio of 4.5 in 2019 (for every dollar they sent overseas that year, they collected four-and-a-half dollars).
  • Sweden’s export ratio was 2.7.
  • The UK’s export ratio was 2.2.

*When a song written by Swedish songwriters is played outside Sweden, royalties are sent back to STIM in Sweden (and vice versa).
A clear and present opportunity

NIM administration hubs

Seeking dedicated and focused partners to be a part of the NIM family.
NIM offer: the right to market and/or trade services in all available territories.
We offer NIM’s brands (Copyright Flow and CREATIVES) to partners with focus and dedication. This is an opportunity to become part of an ownership economy where those who create the value also capture the value…
The ownership economy is a far better business model than today’s company structure, reviving the concept of co-ops and making it sustainable as a priority business model. Community ownership and network alignment enable NIM to transfer royalties in the same way we distribute music — instantly, to anyone, anywhere in the world.
NIM offers a unique opportunity to the following (prioritized):
Copyright owners and/or administrators (creators, Music publishers, Music labels, agents and representatives)
Copyright investors and holders (VCs, private equity, investors, institutional investors and cryptocurrencies speculators)
Access to NIM’s infrastructure (Digital Service Providers, currency exchanges, Public regulators and copyright traders)

Technology partners

The different levels are as follows:

  1. Free providing exclusive administration rights for the content
  2. Free providing a minimum of 100 000 Euro for copyright investments
  3. Paid access through staking
  4. Paid access through staking. A minimum of 5000 CTIM in the active wallet using the services is required.

Clients/customers/partners to NIM

In principle, everybody will have access to the CopyrightChain and the Music as a Service concept.
Access to the infrastructure is always based upon content. Servers, software, security, and administration must be charged for. Consequently, every operation through NIM’s APIs has a specific price. That price can be in exclusive copyright administration, access to investment funds that gives NIM exclusive copyright administration or paid access through Copyright Tokens.
To ensure we have a certain level of seriousness from our partners, there has to be a guarantee escrow of CTIM.
Any questions and comments will be answered through NIM’s EchoFin service:

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