New Internet Media RoadMap 2022


The year royalties are transferred the same way music is streamed — instantly, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

New Internet Media makes it a priority to update you on our technology development and strategy, keeping up with the advancement of the Internet’s Web3.
2022 will be no exception, and this is the first of five newsletters describing our roadmap for the year.
NIM might alter some of the directions set when circumstances merit change. However, after NIM DAO is launched, decentralised votes will govern all changes based upon voting tokens.
1st Quarter 2022
Launch of streamlined and synchronised website content.
White papers, content and white label agreements with significant stakeholders.
Proactively continue the search process for 3rd parties to take responsibility for the marketing and trade of CopyrightCoins.
2nd Quarter 2022
Launch of the America’s and EU’s and UK’s, with user-centric licensing choices (both in beta version today).
The bridge functionalities between Ethereum and Avalanche/CopyrightChain will be launched early 2nd Quarter.
NIM will establish the entire DAO infrastructure with SubDAO’s for geographical and content related specialisation hubs. As a result of the bridge functionalities, the swap functions between Royalties Tokens (ROY), Copyright Tokens (CTIM) and CopyrightCoins (CCIM) will be launched in private Beta (for Copyright Holders).
2nd Quarter 2022 will also see the result of the first content ingestions and definitions of creative partnerships
3rd Quarter 2022
The first commercial launch of white label solutions and licensing will launch in private Beta during summer, with the full commercial launch last part of the 3rd Quarter.
4th Quarter 2022
Content as a Service will launch in private Beta with a full commercial roll-out before Christmas.
Copyright holders
Copyright owners have created the original content. Copyright holders act on behalf of the creators (investors and administrators). As they are the contributors to any content-based platform, copyright owners and their representatives have a prioritised standing.
The CopyrightChains blockchain is designed to fully incentivise the creators to continuously produce high-quality content, keeping the whole ecosystem robust in the long term. The CopyrightChains ecosystem uses Power of Content as “staking” for consensus.

CopyrightChains is Proof of Content (PoC)
With Proof of Content, members can participate after depositing their content. This is known as a “stake”.

What is a CopyrightChain validator?
A CopyrightChain validator is responsible for verifying transactions on the CopyrightChains. Once transactions are verified, they are added to the ledger. In proof of stake systems like CopyrightChains, validators are given rewards as long as they stake the network’s token (i.e. Copyright Tokens). This consensus mechanism also helps secure the network.

CopyrightID is proof that a legal entity (person or company) has registered an intangible asset (creating a uniquely identifiable reference) representing copyright or intellectual property right.
Royalties Tokens are the vehicle for paying royalties to holders of CopyrightShares.
CopyrightCoins are the public representative for Royalties tokens and are in free trade.
Copyright Tokens (CTIM) is designed for long-term supporters and is non-transferrable as it is in direct relation to the content that is ingested into CopyrightChains

CopyrightShares are non-fungible assets of that CopyrightID and Royalties Tokens are fungible assets representing royalties that a CopyrightShare produces.

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