CopyrightCoins becomes CREATIVES


A natural step in becomingTHE currency for creative content

Regardless if you are a creator, investor, fan or a “crypto-anarchist” the new name CREATIVES (and logo):

  1. is short, mobile-friendly and recognisable
  2. can be associated with blockchain(s)
  3. represents BOTH worlds
    1. Copyleft (opensource and freely available for the Web3 communities)
    2. Copyright (registered copyrights for the right to receive royalties in creative works)
  • Royalty Tokens (ROY) stay the same as they don’t have any public and consumer-facing profile.
  • Copyright Tokens (CTIM) stay the same as they are not available on any exchanges or DEX other than NIMs own.

We register CREATIVES on the Avalanche c-chain.
A year ago, it made sense to use Ethereum. Today, it no longer makes sense due to a harmful environmental reputation and extremely costly transactions.
Even though we spent a lot of money on trademark registration, etc., it does not make sense to throw good money after bad and NIM is always working for the future and not the past.

We will make the transition for all existing CopyrightCoin owners transparent and cost-free.

To make sure that 1 CREATIVES is equal to 1 Euro when launching the new currency we will NOT register any smart contracts or any other indication of the new currency until launch day.Launch day will be immediately after confirmation and public announcement of NIM partners.


There will be an opportunity to acquire CREATIVES until launch day at a discount. The discount depends on an existing portfolio of CREATIVES and proven adviser results.
Details to follow!

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