Follow up on 1st Quarter 2022 Roadmap


Design and re-definition of NIM’s public profile in collaboration with professional songwriters and copywriters are coming together as seen in the first online update¬†
The presentations, one-pagers, Business Plans and White Papers are in final drafts and will be available shortly.

As you all know, the field of technology and Web3 is moving fast. The USA launch is prepared and is 75% technology ready. Team building and marketing is next in the process. We are proud to say that the technology has come together even better than expected.

As significant projects with representatives of copyrights owners in Europa are getting traction, however, we are putting USA service on hold so as not to create interference between the parallel developments.
All our resources are now focused on ingestion and getting the pilot projects up and running.

At the same time, we have been working hard to get our crypto assets into bloom and have some exciting news on that subject.
There will be a separate newsletter on that shortly.

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