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Passive Income (NIMPI)
The last newsletter opened up a whole new world for many, judging from the questions we got (use the button to read it again)

Can NIMPI be staked?
No, it can and will not.
Cryptocurrencies that allow staking use a “consensus mechanism” called Proof of Stake, which is the way they ensure that all transactions are verified and secured without a bank or payment processor in the middle.
NIM uses a similar private mechanism we call Proof of Content. The difference is that content is used in the mechanism of verification as content will always have a value in the royalties the owners of content copyright holds. That again gives value to NIMPI tokens as they represent the transaction fee NIM charges to transport royalties from a DPS (Digital Service Provider) to the creators and holders of copyrights.

Will NIMPI be burned (deleted)?
No, there is no need to!
Token burning is a deflationary mechanism usually meant to affect the token price. It comes down to the laws of supply and demand. Since NIMPI always will have the US dollar as a reference value (royalties and transaction fee is paid in fiat) there is no need to create artificial demand.

How is the value calculated?
By calculating the net value of transaction fees and paying those out as dividends to NIM USA (foundation DAO) registered in Wyoming USA under Bill 38.

Is there any taxation on NIMPI?
There is no state tax in Wyoming. However, taxation on dividends and (possible) cryptocurrency FOREX is up to the place of residents and any potential double taxation treaty. Please consult with independent expert advice on the matter (most countries has a reciprocal treaty in place with the USA).


Who are in control of CREATIVES?
NIM Holding governs the currency CREATIVES and anybody owning NIM Voting tokens (how many NIMPI you own governs the weight of your vote) is allowed to vote in matters concerning CREATIVES.

Can CREATIVES be staked?
Unlikely (see explanation above)

Will CREATIVES be burned (deleted)?
Unlikely, but possible (see explanation above)

How is the value calculated?
See CREATIVES as the native currency of creativity. It is used for rewarding creativity and can be used as payment for creativity. CREATIVES is ultimately a representation of the royalties flowing through the NIM Ecosystem and as such have an intrinsic value.
Unlike the potential long term value of NIMPI, CREATIVES can be a short term currency speculation. However, the NIM administration team does not anticipate the same volatility as for instance Bitcoin and Ethereum as CREATIVES can be characterised as stable coins due to their intrinsic character.
NIMPI is regarded as a low-risk investment as people will not stop listening to music and people will not stop browsíng the Internet.
An investment potential
NIM is in discussions with major European collecting societies and are due to start the first pilot projects this spring. The NIM management is confident that a 2.55 billion Euro turnover will be possible from 1Q 2023 with a NIM net profit of 19.8 million Euro in transaction fees.

Consequently, NIM is offering NIMPI at a 5 euro cent per token valuation to holders of the old CopyrightCoins (to be converted to CREATIVES at launch) or owners of a pre-release NFT. Both must be part of the Metamask wallet used to gain access to the offer using the button link below.
NB! You can buy pre-release on OpenSea to gain access (just follow the view link).

This is the only offer at a low price of €0.05 the next offer will be at a minimum of €0.25 per NIMPI.

How does it work?

After buying tokens and the royalties transfer has started, the token owner can choose to receive a certain amount of pay-outs per month. NIM will always pay in CREATIVES. However, token owners can opt to get settled in USD or other fiat currency directly in their own bank account depending on residential status (to be confirmed).

As of 31st March 2022, NIMPI will only be sold OTC to well-known friends and family)in NIMs network. The offer will expire on the launch of CREATIVES, or all tokens are sold (whatever comes first). After which, the tokens will be offered to the general public after proper KYC/AML procedures at a higher rate.

To be clear:
If you invest $10 000 today, and with a $2.55B worth of content flowing through the NIM system, you will start receiving a potential of $855 passive income per month from 1Q 2023. This could grow to a potential $6500 in late 2025.
Get NIMs passive income tokens
Growth potential
The CMOs/PROs alone have a turnover potential of several billion. In addition to this comes collecting royalties on recordings (generally regarded 5 times the turnover).
In addition to the potential of royalty collection in music, NIM is proactively investigating the potential in News articles and images, videos, gaming and more…

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