NIM ecosystem status!


We are about to go live so let’s do a quick ecosystem status!


NIM is a fintech (Financial Technology) company in the global arena. Our goal is not the disruption of the content industries but to enable efficient disintermediation making the creative people able to live on their creativity.
NIMs commercial task is to transport royalties as correct and efficiently as possible from DSP (Digital Service Providers) to owners of Copyrights.
Content partners
New Internet Media offers a complete solution for registering, reporting, and paying royalties. By using the latest technology, royalty can now be transferred instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world, the very moment a song is streamed.
Royalties are distributed in a fairer way allowing entirely new possibilities for building careers in the music business. Furthermore, all stakeholders are fully integrated into the ecosystem. This means that instead of disrupting existing operations, New Internet Media enables a smooth migration to a more effective, safe, and scalable handling of royalties.
Service partners
New Internet Media is easily integrated into the operations of existing DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon, but also opens opportunities for new players in the creative industry by lowering the threshold to use faster and more economical royalty systems than the traditional financial channels of the past (and today).
Decentralized Utility and Decentralized Ownership.
The decentralized utility provides online services without relying on someone else’s centralized system. Decentralized ownership aims to share the ownership, control and governance of digital platforms among users, right holders and stakeholders, which is the purpose of NIM DAO that will replace the existing structure with local companies working as partners.


NIM DAO is to act as an umbrella for the different subDAOs that has the day to day relation with Copyright holders and the creative communities. DAOs are the internet communities set to work together to create, distribute and capture high value relative to the mission

NIMs token structure.

NIM ecosystem is built around a technology platform that runs on tokens.
Royalty Tokens (ROY)
ROYs are used for royalties transfer and licencing without worrying about price fluctuation. ROY are superior to fiat currencies since it’s programmable.
NIMs Utility Tokens (NUTS)
NUTS is an Internal Digital Asset used by service partners in the NIM ecosystem. Where ROYs can only be received by holders of Copyrights, NUTS can only be obtained by exchanging ROYs to CREATIVES or bought with fiat or accepted cryptocurrencies.
The native currency is offered and governed by New Internet Media. Its value is based on the value of the royalties flowing through the services of the NIM ecosystem. CREATIVES can be found in free trade on any approved exchange.
NIM Passive Income tokens (NIMPI)
NIMPI will have the US dollar as a reference value (royalties and transaction fee is paid in fiat) and carries the net value of transaction fees to pay those as dividends to holders of NIMPI under the commercial LLC laws of Bill 38 in Wyoming USA.
The ecosystem is maturing!
Our engagement in the music industry has a turnover potential of several billion. And NIM is proactively working on the potential in News articles and images, videos, gaming and more!
The ecosystem is no longer dependent on traditional banks to perform any of Nim’s core services. However, the receiver of royalties is still dependent on a traditional bank account to pay the bills. Within the NIM ecosystem, the automatic transfer of royalties to the copyright holder’s bank account(s) is successfully tested.

Pilot projects
NIM is entering into a very exciting and busy period with several pilot projects and would like to thank everybody that has been instrumental in getting us to where we are.

We have had many advisers (and still have) that have contributed with needed feedback to the development of the Ecosystem. They have all received CREATIVES and/or NIMPIs as part of this process. The time has now come to recap on that effort. While I can not give you all a finite timeline I can confidently say that we are entering into very public pilot projects and extended Proofs-Of-Concept. This will give us publicity that warrants a public price of our tokens.

The time for discounts is over.
We will, however, honour our earlier commitment and keep the deadlines of 25th April 2022 for CREATIVES and the 1st of May 2022 for NIMPI.

NB! To get access to more info below we use Web3 security with Metamask and tokens.

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