CREATIVES -The currency of royalties…


NIMs token structure.
NIM ecosystem is built around a technology platform that runs on tokens.
Royalty Tokens are used for royalties transfer and licencing
NIMs Utility Tokens are used by service partners in the NIM ecosystem.

CREATIVES is offered and governed by New Internet Media. Its value is based on the value of the royalties flowing through the services of the NIM ecosystem. CREATIVES (after launch) can be found in free trade on any approved exchange.

CREATIVES will be launched as previously announced immediately upon press release of significant content ingestion.

Royalty Tokens can be exchanged for fiat or exchanged to CREATIVES when the equal amount in US$ is transferred to NIMs escrow bank account. At the same time, the same amount of NIM Utility Token will be transferred to the Copyright holder’s wallet for use in the NIM ecosystem. Consequently, if you are a copyright holder, you will have free access to NIMs ecosystem. If you are NOT a Copyright holder (aka receiving royalties), you will have to pay to access NIMs ecosystem via the NIM Utility Tokens.

CREATIVES will have a target price of 1 USD at launch, after which we expect CREATIVES to achieve the same price development as any intrinsic backed cryptocurrency.

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