NIM and the economic turbulence…


You all have undoubtedly been following the crypto and music markets lately…

From a NIM perspective, the underlying value proposition for Web3 technologies hasn’t changed.

What has changed is the reliance on mathematics and algorithms to make money. All currencies (crypto and fiat alike) are virtual. There is no substance in any of them if you look closer.

Ask yourself: “Why are you on the Internet?”
The answer is, of course, all the information, entertainment, and communities you’ll find there.
All have to be created and put out there for you to enjoy!
Without content, no Internet!

For any creative person to keep creating, they have to be incentivized, and by making sure they get paid for their creativeness Internet can and will be a great thing.
That is the purpose of New Internet Media: Making sure that those who create the value also capture the value!

We have the tools and services to make that happen.

We are now building and expanding the ecosystem further by making do with less to produce more, creating profitability for our partners and investors.

We have updated link three with a NIM Passive Income and NIM Copyright Investment program, so check out the NIMPI White Paper on

Thor Pettersen
NIMs Founder

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