NIM Ecosystem explained


Let’s have a closer look at the incentive ecosystem
NIM is a Financial Technology (fintech) company with the goal of making creative people earn more from their creativity. Our commercial task is to transport royalties as correct and efficiently as possible from Digital Service Providers to Copyright owners. This means that expensive intermediates can be eliminated. In brief, more money, faster.

To do that we offer a complete solution for registering, reporting, and paying royalties to creative communities and their representatives.

Decentralized utility and ownership
The purpose of NIMs Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is to provide a utility for online services without relying on someone else’s centralized system. Decentralized ownership means that ownership, control and governance of digital platforms can be shared among users, rightsholders and stakeholders in a highly effective and secure way.

NIM DAO acts as an umbrella for the partners that have the day to day relations with Copyright holders and the creative communities set to work together to create, distribute and capture value. In our business model, this value is rewarded by NIMPI and NIM TOP.

Token Passive Income (NIMPI)
To transfer royalties efficiently we are using Royalty Tokens, always representing fiat (presently US$) on an equal basis. For this, we charge a modest fee that is the NIM Passive Income (after expenses). See the newsletter about NIMPI for details.

The more content under exclusive administration, the more royalties are transported. Content is delivered through partners and affiliates representing the creators contributing to building the ecosystem. These contributors are rewarded through an incentivised program called NIM Token Option Program (NIM TOP)

Token Option Program (NIM TOP)
The NIM TOP is divided into the following types of contributors:

  • The people/companies that acquire copyrighted content for NIM through their network
  • The people/companies that get investors in copyright providing NIM with exclusive administration deals with the copyright holders
  • The people/companies that conduct marketing and PR
  • The development and administration teams that collect salaries

NIM can not offer the traditional share options due to the special relationship we have with the creative communities. Therefore, we had to make sure no commercial interest can ever control the holding company and exercise undue influence on how royalties were paid.
The NIM TOP was born.

The principle is simple, the more content any contributor provides to the NIM services, the more Passive Income Tokens they receive. See the newsletter about NIM TOP for details.

For a limited time, NIM has a reward for all past advisers and present followers for their support.

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