The “Study on the place and role of authors and composers in the European music streaming market” was released on the 28th of September 2022.

The study provides an in-depth analysis of bottlenecks and dysfunctions that prevent authors and composers from experiencing more sustainable growth in the music streaming market.
It considers how to grow the revenue pie for creators and other rightsholders and how to ensure a fairer and more creator-friendly music ecosystem.
See the full story here (in different languages):

The study identifies three main concerns of creators regarding the current operation of the streaming market that leads to this unacceptable result:
• An asymmetry between streaming services’ business strategies and authors’ and composers’ aspirations to ensure the value of their creation and grow the overall revenue pie;
• Some structural dysfunctions of services that force creators to accept lower or no revenues and/or manipulate the sharing of revenue pot, as well as inequalities that lead to the success of a few at the expense of cultural diversity and niche repertoires;
• The systemic imbalance in revenue allocation between stakeholders, in which authors benefit the least from the market’s success, despite their enormous value and contribution.

NIM’s Comment: It is difficult to change the pricing structure. You can always make it cheaper but rarely make it more costly…
However, with NIM’s services, it is not difficult to make it more efficient. 
More money to creators, same “cut” to DSP, and same subscription price to end-users.