The strength of the NIM system


Like in traditional markets, crypto investors will often use debt to finance future purchases, which means many investors are taking on risks in the crypto space. Then, as prices drop and futures holders start liquidating their positions, prices could fall even further. It’s a cycle similar to the stock market crashes in 1929 and 2008. These crashes are dangerous for markets like crypto that don’t have much liquidity. However, all systems are not created equal.
A system created for stability
This scenario could never happen with NIM tokens because NIMs tokens, especially Royalty Tokens, represent the royalty flow. For NIMs CopyrightChains Proof of Content to function optimally, NIMs Utility Tokens are used to balance the supply and demand. A Copyright Holder (administration or creator) will get Utility Tokens for free when exchanging Royalty Tokens for CREATIVES. And since the escrow fiat will always follow the exchange of Royalty Tokens, the liquidity balance is stable. CREATIVES is potentially the most volatile NIM token.
We welcome fair regulations
Cryptocurrency regulations worldwide are increasingly put in place to govern. EU is preparing to introduce a suite of new regulations that will have significant implications for firms operating in, or doing business with, EU countries. The USA continues to progress in developing federal cryptocurrency legislation.
From day one, NIM has advocated regulative registration and trade of copyrights, and we welcome it. NIM did already, in October 2017, get approval from the Estonian financial inspection for the currency CopyrightCoins (now CREATIVES), and we have continued down the same path. NIM has established itself in the USA under Wyoming’s Bill 38 and is expanding our involvement and lobbying for regulated registration and trade of copyrights in the Swedish parliament (Motion 2021/22:845).
Regarding correlations with the stock market, crypto was supposed to float freely, divorced from the rest of the market. But, as 2022 has proven, that’s often not the case. Crypto is supposedly a hedge against interest rates and inflation. On May 12th, the crypto market dropped 45.3% compared to the S&P 500’s 17.5% decline. However, the crypto market has already shown signs of recuperating. The stock market faces more hardship in times to come.
Basing the value on content creates longevity for investors
NIM is based upon the world’s biggest intrinsic markets, Internet content, and the royalties internet brings to the copyright holders. We have already seen a trend of copyright owners selling their copyright to a growing group of investors. Even though NIM is not supporting the sale of copyrights (we believe it’s the worst possible financial decision a copyright owner can make), NIM will be the leading brokerage of investment into copyrights temporarily. The copyright owner and the investor will benefit from a higher profit with NIMs More money, faster policy.

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