Decentralization is the core of NIM´s technology infrastructure.
Without one central gatekeeper, NIM relies on many participants to validate incoming transactions and add them securely and transparently to the CopyrightChains.
October 2022 was an important month in NIM development and ecosystem rollout.
 October first halfSeveral CMO discussions and the next steps activation. Added two important features to the Fair Music Platform, and CREATIVES is almost ready to launch.
More information in separate newsletters very soon…

October 18th
The Banff upgrade went live on the Avalanche blockchain. 
Allowing subnets to let their validators stake and earn rewards in the subnet’s native token.
This means that NIM can now (in addition to the many private subnets) have a public subnet with customization and control using the NIM Utility toking for traditional staking in addition to content. 
In practical terms, NIM can now offer pure crypto investment (staking) based on the intrinsic value of royalty transfer and content creation. 
It unifies all token-based staking interactions and enables NIM to directly compensate technology partners for helping run the different networks necessary to the NIM ecosystem.
NIM has its cake and is busy eating it too.
All the different services and networks we operate on can be (and are) confusing. 
However, the good news is that this is soon a thing of the past.
A new service from Ava labs called the Core operates in Web3.

October 19th
One of the biggest challenges in adapting to Web3 is the complexity. 
Core aims to remove the usual difficulties and pitfalls of user experience, enabling users to focus on what to do on-chain rather than how to do it. 
Core web and Core extension’s interconnected experience gives users flexibility and freedom.
Core allows you to see all your assets while displaying your Copyrights (NFTs) without switching devices or web pages.
An all-in-one command center for Web3, supporting Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all EVM-compatible blockchains.
Core supports Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more – plus (when active) NIMs sub-chains and tokens like Royalty Tokens (ROY) and NIM Utility Tokens (NUT).
Core makes it easy to:Bridge – transfer and use Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens (i.e. NIMPI and CREATIVES)Swap – trade tokens without ever leaving CoreBuy – go from cash to crypto in minutesSecure – connect with Ledger, a state-of-the-art hardware walletUnify – Manage your CopyrightShares, royalties, and other digital assetsControl – own your identity and seamlessly switch across Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any NIM networksThink of Core as a turnkey solution for Web3 adoption and a cornerstone of the NIM ecosystem. 
It’s not fully developed for NIMs purposes. It looks good for all partners and end-users from creators and crypto communities.
 It focuses on human-centered design and principles of providing users freedom, flexibility, and efficiency.
It has given the NIM teams a framework to work from. We still recommend using Metamask across all browsers and networks, as it is easy to transfer all your accounts from Metamask to Core when ready to make the switch

Consequently – support for the NIM ecosystem is coming together…
We can now start putting it all together in earnest – making it much easier to maximize the income from royalties.