Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, represent a new form of currency invoking the “old ” criteria of adaption.
In Web2, a currency backed by the state is good money within that state. However, we have seen that both withdrawing crypto and printing fiat money in any market has an influence on their value by causing inflation.
With Web3 and NIM services, that has forever changed
NIM Tokens have a constant intrinsic value, serving as a measure of value and a medium of exchange. Price determination is essential in exchange and purchasing power (actual value).

NIM Tokens are backed by royalties
The Tokens are backed by content which is the very lifeblood of the Internet. As such, they will reflect the value of the NIM ecosystem.

A system created for stability
NIM’s commercial services are based on intrinsic values and the use of the Internet as a source of content. The profits are derived from an actual, sustainable business model.

In practical terms:
NIM is developing pilot projects for several organizations with exclusive administration rights on behalf of their members that have direct relevance to NIM Tokens.
NIM is developing the Fair Music Platform with SKAP, and IMC (600 million members), where NIM tokens play a central role in giving content creators a fair chance of living upon their creativity.

NIM Passive Income Tokens
In pre-launch
NIM Passive Income Tokens are a low-risk investment backed by Internet’s royalty flow. The tokens will be freely tradable immediately after purchase. The instant liquidity of this offering lets token holders decide when to capture their return on investment. Rightsholders do not have to sell away their copyright, and investors do not have to wait for an IPO.
With NIM’s Passive Income Tokens, it is easy to determine the return on investment.
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Soon in pre-launch
CREATIVES are the official and public representation for paying royalties to holders of CopyrightShares. All “trades” in CopyrightShares will only be conducted in CREATIVES or fiat.
CopyrightID, CopyrightShares, and Royalty Tokens
CopyrightID is proof that a legal entity has registered an intangible asset representing copyright or intellectual property right. CopyrightShares are non-fungible assets of that CopyrightID, and Royalty Tokens are fungible assets that define dividends in the form of royalties that a CopyrightShare produces. Royalty Tokens are ALWAYS backed by the same amount of US Dollars in escrow.
When Royalty Tokens are exchanged for fiat, the equivalent amount in US dollars is transferred to the CopyrightShares holder’s bank account.
When Royalty Tokens are exchanged for CREATIVES, the equivalent amount in US Dollars is transferred to NIM’s escrow bank account. At the same time, the CREATIVES will be transferred to the holder of the CopyrightShares wallet.

NIM Utility Tokens
Later in pre-launch
NIM Utility Tokens are a form of Internal Digital Asset (IDA) used by partners in the NIM ecosystem. It can be used by holders of CopyrightShares and Digital Service providers and partners to pay network fees. NIM Utility Tokens are also the public staking currency for speculators in crypto.

Royalty Tokens can only be received by holders of CopyrightShares, and NIM Utility Tokens can only be obtained by exchanging Royalty Tokens for CREATIVES or bought with CREATIVES and fiat.

NIM Utility Tokens will be transferred to the CopyrightShares holder’s wallet for use as IDA in NIM’s ecosystem. Consequently, if you are a CopyrightShares holder, you will receive NIM Utility Tokens for free when you exchange Royalty Tokens for CREATIVES.

If you are NOT a CopyrightShares holder (i.e., receiving royalties). You will have to pay for NIM Utility Tokens to access the services in the NIM ecosystem or participate in the public staking program.