CREATIVES Status update!
The CREATIVES airdrop took place on Dec-05-2022 12:02:11 PM +UTC
Everybody that has reported their Metamask address for the “old” CopyrightCoins was included.

Reminder: Given the latest news on central exchanges (FTX), NIM will not seek active participation in CEXs and will fully concentrate on DEX as described in earlier newsletters and NewsRoom

We have taken all precautions and followed up on the public and transparent transfers of CopyrightCoins (the basis of CREATIVES claim). However, if anyone feels they have gotten the wrong amount or haven’t been considered, please use the claim button below.

Technical details:

Contract address
Hard Cap: 1 000 000 000
Copyright cap: 750 000 000
Vesting cap: 150 000 000
Escrow cap: 900 000 000 ($1:1)
Team and FFF: 100 000 000
Contract: OpenZeppelin
Support: USD in escrow
Juridisticion: Wyoming, USA (Bill 0038)

Registered trademark:

How to confirm receipt of CREATIVES:

  • Login to Metamask and activate 
    • Ethereum main network (0x1)
    • The Metamask address you sent to NIM  (with CopyrightCoins)
  • Go to Assets
  • Click on import tokens
  • Choose Custom Tokens
  • Paste 0x74C9DEBA10a0625611626786fC91AB484208907b intoToken contract address
  • Token symbol CREATIVES will automatically appear
  • As will Token decimal: 18
  • Click on Add custom tokens 
  • Click on Import tokens
  • You now see the same amount of CREATIVES as your “old” CopyrightCoins.