10th February – CopyrightCoins becomes CREATIVES
8th March – Last chance to transfer CCIM from the old Waves platform
11th March – Pre-sale of CREATIVES and NIMs Immediate tradable as NFTs
31st March – End of support CCIM. All transfer from the Waves platform is discontinued.
31st March – Launch of NIM Passive Income Tokens (NIMPI) under Wyoming’s SF0038
5th April – NIM Utility Token (NUT) for services in the NIM ecosystem is described
28th April – NIM Token Option Program (NIM TOP) is launched
30th April – Updated description of the NIM ecosystem
6th May – Wyoming amended the DAO Legislation
11th May – Signed NDA with a major CMO (NIM Newsletter under NDA added).
13th May – Turmoil in the crypto market shows the strength of the NIM system
19th May – Let’s go viral. Spread the word with https://linktr.ee/allnim
8th June – Bringing profitability back with NIM – Why NIM is better!
23rd June – Economic downturn is a big opportunity for NIM
7th July – The incentive ecosystem of NIM. Copyright Investment program updated.
22nd July – Separating Copyright holder’s rights from ownership.
30th July – NIM’s approach to Web3 and a new income model – the creator economy.
3rd August – Launch of the NIM Academy
3rd August – Fair Music Platform initiated with SKAP and IMC
9th August – The reboot of Web2 and transition to Web3: NIM’s hybrid network solutions
16th August – Why are NIMPIs better than algorithmic trading?
21st August  – Sofia Westergren (Swedish MP) as a non-executive board director
24th August – Launched NIMs investor RoI. Company shares vs. passive income
16th September – Ethereum has merged from PoW to PoS. CREATIVES followed suit.
28th September – “Creators in the European music streaming market” was released
19th October – Test  CopyrightChains with native NIM Utility Token (NUT) are launched
24th October –  Updated NIM Tokens and essence of value
1st November – CREATIVES, the driver of royalties, launched with vesting.
30th November – NIM with full White Label service of regulated registration of copyrights
5th December – The CREATIVES airdrop took place at 12:02:11 PM +UTC
15th December – Updated NIM Tokens: holders of Intrinsic values
19th December – End of Year, NIM’s ecosystem, and Metcalf’s Law.
22nd December – Technical White Paper (under NDA) offer YouTube via CMO.
26th December – NIM’s Non-Fungible apps, User-centric with censorless transparency
All 2022 – Ongoing discussions with DSPs, CMOs, and PROs in Europe, Asia and USA

Ref. NIM Newsletters and https://newinternetmedianews.com/

FMP = The Fair Music Platform (partners NIM, SKAP, and IMC)
ECSA = European Composer & Songwriter Alliance
IMC = UNESCO-founded International Music Council
SKAP = Membership association for music creators in Sweden
DSP = Digital Service Provider (Spotify, YouTube, Facebook)
CMO = Collective Management Organization (STIM, SACEM, HDS)
PRO = Performing Rights Organization (PRS, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)