NIM’s white-label services

As you probably have seen from our newsletters and private emails, NIM has developed a technical registration service equal to none. NIM has now evolved on that technological advance. The management is proud to announce that NIM now can offer a legal service designed to become the first white-label regulated registration and trade of copyrights.

Regulated registration of copyrights.

A regulated registration of copyrights and Intellectual property rights is a significant step in making content creators able to live upon their creativity.
Since the registration is part of a series LLC governed by the Limited Liability companies act of Wyoming, NIM will ALWAYS know what percentages each copyright shareholder has (as a registered shareholder in an LLC) and pay the right owner the correct amount according to CopyrightShares, just as dividends are delivered in an LLC

How does this work in practice?

A Music Works administrator (Musical Admin LLC) with 100 high-profile members, each created an average of 100 copyrighted songs between them (total 10 000 copyrights).
The Master LLC is Musical Admin LLC with 10 000 LLC’s in series, each operating as a separate legal entity.
The Musical Admin LLC’s operating agreement defines the LLC as a series.
It establishes how the series is created. How the parent LLC relates to others, the relationship between LLCs, ownership of each, how to add or remove cells in the series, and more. 
The operating agreement between a master and the series is a snapshot of the business plan. Once a new LLC is established within the series, it operates as if it were a separate business, including getting its business bank account and maintaining detailed records.


Wyoming’s bill 0038 expressly recognizes the smart contract as the primary document governing the rights of the LLC members when organized under the new bill. 
A series LLC is similar to a corporation with subsidiary corporations.
The series LLC is a “family” of LLCs governed by an overarching parent LLC, also known as a master LLC. 
  • NIM (through Copyright Flow USA)  Registration services.
    If performed under Wyoming’s Bill 0038, the legal framework can be unprecedented.
    NIM registration services are superior to a more centralized approach to the registration of Copyrights
  • Anybody can legally register and own a Copyright. However, under the laws of Wyoming’s Bill 38, egregious or large-scale commercial infringement will be under the same laws as shares in a company.
  • The same financial and legal basis as a company. Self-financing, lending, leasing, crowdfunding, shares issue.
  • Legal, indisputable proof of provenance has never existed until the NIM registration service.
  • As a ledger of ownership in a particular transferable title such as CopyrightShares, the NIM service is superior to centralized databases.
  • In further iterations, shares can be made to “listen” to governance parameters and enforce hardcoded rules such as quorums, qualified majorities, etc
  • Perhaps most importantly, on-chain copyright registration is future-proof. 
    • Using the NIM registration service as a ledger and rails for transfer (rentable/leased) of ownership of “smart-contracted” Copyright equity.
    • Legal containers can easily be spun up that facilitate capital formation and help coordinate multiple stakeholders around a joint project.
Each series segment is run as an individual, autonomous LLC operating under the same umbrella. Each LLC’s assets are legally segregated from the others.

Maximize royalties payout.

NIM is ready to engage with record labels, music publishers, copyright owners, and administrative representatives to explore how NIM’s white-label services can transform your copyright-based business.