On November the 30th, 2022, the Swedish parliament (finally) voted yes to the government’s proposal for changes to (among other things) the Copyright Act. The proposals are based on the EU Copyright Directive. They will contain new laws for adapting copyright to the digital age with new forms of use of copyright-protected material.

The Digital Service providers (DSPs) must agree with the rights holders that would want an agreement. The DSP must act when the material is uploaded against the rights holder’s wishes.

Rules are introduced to strengthen the contractual position of authors when they transfer their rights to publishers, producers, newspapers, or other actors in the copyright market.

However, the approved change in the law did not describe how the law would be enforced.

That same day New Internet Media (NIM) launched a legal and technical service in the USA designed to become the first white-label regulated registration and trade of copyrights.

A regulated registration of copyrights and Intellectual property rights is a significant step in making content creators able to live upon their creativity. The Limited Liability companies act of Wyoming legally governs each registration.

NIM will ALWAYS know what percentages each copyright shareholder has (as a registered shareholder in a company). NIM’s white-labeled partners will pay royalties according to their shares (split), just as dividends are delivered in a registered company.

  1. NIM registration services are superior to a more centralized approach to the registration of Copyrights.
  2. Any egregious or large-scale commercial infringement will be under the same laws as shares in a company.
  3. The same financial and legal basis as a company. Self-financing, lending, leasing, crowdfunding, shares issue.
  4. Legal, indisputable proof of provenance has never existed until the NIM registration service.
  5. NIM’s regulated copyright registration is future-proof


NIM has, under USA Wyoming’s Bill 0038, in principle, implemented the same law on the same day. However, the Swedish law will be effective from January the 1st, 2023.

NIM implemented the same service worldwide on that same day. NIM’s service will offer complete protection under the law for BOTH safe harbor and EU Copyright Directive.

NIM see no problem implementing the same services under EU Copyright Directive as they already have available in the USA.