New services and status of NIM Tokens and royalties flow

Initial Royalties Offering

I know we have discussed this earlier, but it has been a while, so I think it’s time to revisit the subject.
Our base technology has been ready for nearly two years now.
Ready to receive content and offer it to the DSP.

The tech teams needed to implement this technology for the copyright holders (creators and representatives for creators) have been a liquid bunch of people.
NIM has a policy that (almost) all technology resources are freelance.
Many of these tech resources are attached to NIM the same way many people representing the creative communities are: – under the radar as advisers.
The bottom line is that we must keep the technology team available when the ketchup splashes.😊
Hence the multitude of “new” applications and services.

Usually, these would have been developed (in a traditional company) after the fact.
However, NIM is in a unique situation in that we answer to no VC/shareholders or investors EXCEPT those who have invested their time and money in acquiring a portfolio of NIM tokens and are waiting for the time content arrives in our bosom😁
So to keep the teams busy – we are constantly evolving, developing, and nurturing new ideas.

At the moment, it’s all about the crypto (as we have an optimal growth environment with a heavy bear market).
Later this year, we will no doubt have the same in copyright licensing, and then we will have the crypto infrastructure to match…

Our latest addition – The NIM Exchange, is a custodial alternative to Metamask.
Many CREATIVES owners have asked for this service, and we are happy to comply.
At first, our goal was a service that could handle crypto and fiat exchange and, in addition, integrate trade of rentable Copyrights, e.g., temporarily transferring the right to receive royalties.
However, it is potentially compromising security by integrating trade in rentable Copyright on the NIM Exchange.
And if we secure it that it will seriously flaw the User Experience (UX).

The solution we came up with is to make NIM exchange for NIM tokens and cryptocurrencies ONLY and set up Copyright related Exchange as a separate entity.
As you might remember, we have added two more tasks to our standard ERC20 registration contract, Copyright holder, and timeline/expiration.
The ” standard ” must be used in relation to our white-label partners.
Suppose any potential partner is offered to use our ecosystem to trade in Royalties (as opposed to Copyrights).
They can do so if they pay in NUTs (NIM Utility Tokens) to access our services.
This is the unfair advantage NIM Utility tokens have over other “pure” algorithmic/mathematic crypto coins like ETH and AVAX, as NUTs will be intrinsic tokens if the royalties flow is traded.
NUTs will be a highly sought-after investment token with a potential massive upside stabilizing as royalties flow increases.

It will be a similar service to NIM’s Passive Income tokens, that for all intent and purposes, acts as the dividend paid to shareholders with a very flexible exit plan.
We decided to use the NFT version (on top of the initial registration) to separate this from the original version offered to white-label partners.
The thinking behind this is that it is much easier for all parties involved (a better User experience UX) if you use a more straightforward marketplace than the dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Look at the NFT as a registration tool for all new copyright registrations, whereas the standard ERC20 registration is for mass registration of existing back catalogs.
The exciting upside is that NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarity support this type of NFT, as does the NIM NFT marketplace.
The IRO (Initial Royalties Offering) and following trade will be governed by the US Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC).
All new registration will be under Bill SF0038 as a Limited Liability Company.
It will be a perfect match for the Fair Music Platform, among other active projects NIM is working on.
Reminder: We are in execution modus with all NIM Tokens starting at $1.00 from 1/1 2023

To be clear:

  • Copyright registration is on the same smart contract design as for our partners.
  • NIM separates the white label partnership with CMOs/PROs and “everybody” else from the trade of royalties.
  • They will receive royalties if they have that share in their wallet address.
  • All investors in IRO (NFT-based) royalties flow will be protected under the US SEC guidelines
  • It will, of course, only be possible to do so within NIMs ecosystem (in contrast to offering the same inside CMO/PRO white label setup).
  • The IRO registration will be rentable for the period set by the original creators and by payments received.
Have a great first whole week back at work in 2023…